Schuster, historical German brand takes part in the heating sector, producing wood boilers and steel light oil boilers.


At the end of the 90’s it becomes property of an Unical group; now it proposes a complete technological range of products, boasting at the same time a MADE IN ITALY production.


Nowadays Schuster product’s range is on world trades, covering all the sectors, from the residential domestic to the industrial, with an extraordinary quality/price ratio.


Schuster would be synonym of technology, safety and simplicity for those who, in the world, want the quality and the absolute certainty of a well-considered choice.


Since 2021, Schuster has become an integral part of the project involving the UNICAL BIOENERGY Division, which focuses on renewable resources.


Industrial production has always had a very important impact on the planet, whether we are talking about production processes or products.
Producing boilers and stoves, as well as automotive or various machinery, means having an additional responsibility, means having an ethical approach starting from the design and up to the disposal of the product.
Finding solutions that integrate the search for products always more eco-friendly and with low environmental impact with everyday well-being, ease of use, advanced technology, beauty, is an integral part of our mission, as well as raising awareness of the public and sector employees towards an ever greater active awareness.


For this reason, we also ask our customers to install, feed and maintain the products in a suitable way, above all following the regulations, as well as to use them with attention and respect for the environment, just as we are committed to following targeted production rules, with low impact on the territory, on people and on the ecosystem.
Renewability means intelligent use of resources; on this planet, often suffering from waste, in addition to seeking new solutions, pursuing advanced technology, promoting renewable energy sources, reducing emissions, it is important to maintain, differentiate, recycle, for ethical savings.


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